Research project: Informal Migration in the Mediterranean (2024)

Research project that sheds light into one of the most pressing issues of our time; that of informal migration. The project consists of 12 country-specific notes on the reality of informal migration in each of the countries represented in the Mediterranean Dialogue network, and a Mediterranean-wide white paper that examines shared elements of the issue of informal migration across the Mediterranean, as well as overall conclusions that might bring solutions to this alarming phenomenon.

Author: International Institute of Debate – Lebanon

Author: Kuća Nade & Inkubator Izvrsnosti

Author: Association Marrocaine de Solidarité et Développement, Association Culturelle Eden Maroc & Students for Liberty Morocco.

Author: Instituto Mises Portugal & Students for Liberty Portugal

Author: PalThink for Strategic Studies

Author: Principios

Author: Algerian Debate Foundation